Origins: What Is A Librarian

Batgirl Isn’t The Only Superhero Librarian

batgirl-2 Barbara Gordon, a.k.a. Batgirl

librarian Evelyn O’Connell, “The Mummy”

giles1 Rupert Giles, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

3738375245_34ae7344b4  Bunny Watson, “Desk Set”

Librarians have been misrepresented for decades. We have as many coats, colors, looks, personalities, interests and impressive alter-egos as there are grains of sand on Earth and in space. We are not meek stereotypes. We are superheroes; fierce protectors of information; fighters for freedom and equal access, communities, technology and supportive services. We are storytellers, muses, artists, teachers, community members, organizers, speakers, chroniclers, helpers, historians, inspirations and the inspired. We carry an invisible fire that resonates in everything we do, in the very fabric of every civilization, recorded throughout antiquity into modern times, constantly evolving as does the scope of our work. We are the very definition of superheroes. Here is my next evolution in that journey, albeit a small one…

This blog was previously housed on Blogger, but I am moving it over to WordPress for better accessibility and features that will make it easier to navigate, increase its usefulness and its reach. Please feel free to brows through the posts I’ve imported from my previous incarnation. I will be going through them over the next few weeks to tighten up formatting for a more cohesive and aesthetically pleasing look, but you will find anything from rudimentary book trailers, videos, discussions about library issues, as well as many, many reviews about literature (fiction, non-fiction, juvenile, tween, young adult, teen, to adult, graphic novels, publications, you name it…) as well as film, music and who knows…maybe even local events at some point.  Feel free to comment and interact, recommend media or topics you’d like to discuss. Let’s get started.

Why? you may ask. In the immortal words of Barbara Gordon:

“Is that it? I fail the final because I can’t tell you in fifty words or less why I want to do this? You may have all the tools of the trade, but you don’t have a monopoly on wanting to help. I’ll tell you why, you big scary goon… because I can.” – Batgirl, Year 1, Issue 3.

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